Open Beta MajorMUD

As of June 27, Open Beta is live. The BBS is working, more or less, and the initial MajorMUD edits have been processed. There’s nothing ground breaking in there, but Warriors and Paladins will be slightly slower when blasting through the first 20 levels or so. They’ll probably still be the most powerful characters, and the first ones to take down most bosses, but I’m hoping to take a little edge off that.

Board Status

You can ignore the test characters: this is basically a reset board as of June 28, 2022. The test character only killed one of the newer bosses to test and ensure that it’s working. I’m pretty sure the initial drop(s) are still there, so whoever gets there first will still get the loot. It’s also a boss with a higher drop rate, unlimited items, and a fast respawn time. Given that it’s even near town, I hope that this drop will be plentiful.

I don’t currently have maps or paths for the new areas. They’re small and I’d like to encourage people to explore, discover, and build their own paths and loops that optimize for their own characters.

Dupes are allowed. Go for it. PVP is on too, I think. Whatever the default setting so probably +/-7 levels.

Future plans

The long term goal is to develop some more edits in the following areas:

  • More one handed weapons
  • Level 50 unlimited / non-quest gear
  • Items and class adjustments that make gypsies, warlocks, missionaries, and thieves more viable
  • Additional spells, at all levels, to make mages and druids more viable as scripters and PVP opponents

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